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About me

Ines Astrug (Dipl. Couns) (Reg. BACP)

As a counsellor I work to empower every person on their journey – for some the challenge is to understand themselves better, for others to cope, to heal, to grow.

“I am instinctively an empathic person, I sense acutely the feelings and needs of my clients and what they need most support with. Personally I am a sensitive though quick to react and a passionate individual.”

In the confidentiality between us you can speak openly and safely about your experience, discover thoughts and feelings, and we can explore together the causes as to why you feel the way you do. The trust that we develop in our therapeutic relationship will be the foundation of healing and change.

“I have experience especially working with bereavement and grief, loss, difficult childhood, and trauma. Additionally I work with anxiety and depression, identity and self-esteem, guilt, assertiveness, and healthy boundaries.”

Everyone’s story is special and unique and so is their struggle. I will work with you and support you in gaining more insight into how to improve your well-being and ultimately just feel better.

I work in private practice offering short as well as long-term therapy for adults. I primarily work remotely, however I can also offer face-to-face sessions.

I incorporate various techniques in my counselling work such as person-centred, cognitive, emotive, solutions-focused, Gestalt, TA and others, and integrate them into a personalised approach. I build on each person’s strengths in order to empower them in what they need. We will work together to establish what works best for you and for your goals and expectations.